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Toyologist Review: Pokemon Pokedex

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

One word: WOW! That is what our six-year-old son gasped when he saw the Pokemon Pokedex. It has been on his wish list for a long time, so it was a dream come true when he was handed his very own.

The Pokedex is an electronic gadget (it needs 3 AAA batteries, not included with the product) to help your Pokemon fan learn more about the different Pokemon characters, and to test their knowledge.

There are two main options to help with this. The Pokedex option takes you into a database of all the Pokemon characters, where you can learn about their evolution, type, height, and weight. You can also search for a particular Pokemon by name, or by size or type.

The second option are the Trainer Challenges. These are a series of games to test your Pokemon knowledge, including naming the Pokemon, working out which of two Pokemon has the advantage, which doesn't belong in a set, and a general quiz. I think the idea is to help your young Pokemon fans learn more about the characters, but in this house, our six-year-old took the opportunity to test Daddy... before declaring that I knew nothing!

You can change the contrast and the volume of the music / sound, and the unit is very easy to use with just four self-explanatory buttons. The screen shows only a few words at a time, making it easy for small eyes to read clearly.

The only downside is that the screen is not backlit, so the text dissappears quickly in poor light or if it is too bright, although adding a back-light would obviously increase the cost and battery consumption.

All in all, this would make a great gift for any Pokemon fan. Ours hasn't put it down since it arrived!

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