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Absolutely no spill cup!

Well, I think we found the Holy Grail! No, not the Indiana Jones movie... but every parent's quest - the 'No Spill Cup' that actually doesn't spill!

We've tried similar types of cup before for our boys when they first moved from bottles to cups, but there always seemed to be a leak. Well, this offering from Nuby does exactly what it says on the packaging - it doesn't spill or leak.

The Nuby First Cup we tried with Trinity has proved a hit - she loves being able to hold it herself with the chunky handles so much that she won't let go when she finishes her drink. The cup comes with a cup spout, which has a seal so baby has to suck to get the drink out (but only a tiny sip gets the drink - we've also had no-spill cups before that were impossible to get to work... and yes, mummy and daddy had to try and failed back then!) The Nuby cup also comes with a teat, which is interchangable with the spout, to help the transition from bottle to cup more easily.

It has graduated fill lines, too, so you can easily see how much baby is drinking - important if they are still on milk.

The neck is also quite wide, making cleaning that little bit easier. And, of course, it is fully sterilisable (although we couldn't find that on the outer packaging, it is on the leaflet inside).

The other big plus is that it is really intuitive and easy to put together. Because the 'valve' is part of the actual spout, there are no fiddly bits to put together. That's a really big plus point on those bleary-eyed mornings when baby has kept you awake most the night!

Trinity loves this cup as it makes it easier for her to drink without needing anyone to help her... we love it because it is easy to fill, clean, and use and it really doesn't leak!

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