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Toyologist Review: Furby

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

Furby's back! Furby arrived in our household with almost the same level of excitement and delight as when our youngest baby was born. The boys considered this to be the BEST toy in our second Toyologist box and so we saved the best til last to review.

When Furby was sleeping, the children would tell me to hush so that I didn't "wake the Furby". I wish they'd be as considerate when their baby sister is sleeping!

This fiesty little creature has been brought bang up to date with its own app where you can feed him all sorts if you have an ipad which, although not essential, certainly added to the fun and excitement. You can also follow Furby on facebook too.

The video review we have done says it all, but to conclude, we think this is going to be THE big hit this Christmas!

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