> The Beesley Buzz: 2011

Moshi Twistmas

When Moshi Monsters challenged it's fans to a Twistmas Singer contest to celebrate the launch of Moshi Twistmas, how could we refuse. We spent an entire weekend devoted to making our video and although it didn't win, the kids were delighted that it has received so many views on You Tube.


Moshi Bus at Bluewater

The weekend before Christmas. All the Christmas shopping done. All the presents wrapped. Nothing more to do except sit back at relax until Christmas day...right? WRONG! Our boys had heard that the Moshi Bus was going to be at Bluewater shopping centre and they wanted to visit it.

A totally crazy thing to do...to visit a huge shopping centre the weekend before Christmas (especially when you don't actually need to buy anything, yet there we were battling the traffic with two of the worlds biggest Moshi fans feeling very excited.

We queued for ages, but the organisation was great as we were given umbrellas to borrow to keep the rain off, music was playing and the kids were given activity sheets to keep them busy in the queue.

Finally the boys were on the bus and were let loose with their pocket money.

Mr. Moshi arrived and I had printed a copy of some photos to ask him to sign for the boys as extra special Christmas presents.


Choccie Broccie Brothers!

Rather shocked and amazed to be presented with a picture of my two boys eating Chocolate coated broccoli on the Daily Growl today! (and yes, they really do eat it sometimes and yes they really do like it!)


Switchy Day winner!

Another amazing chapter unfolds in our world of Moshi...Joshua has won the Switchy Day contest! Switchy day was on Sunday 8th October 2011 and it is a day when things in Monstro City are (quite literally) turned upside down....with (extra) bizarre things to buy for your room and all sorts of other strange things happening. Owners were encouraged to "switch places" with their monsters by dressing up as a monster, moshling or another moshi character.

Joshua decided to be Buster Bumblechops as he loves collecting moshlings so much.

Warning! Moshi Monsters Could Be GOOD for Your Child’s Health!

When we visited Moshi HQ, Mr Moshi asked whether we could write a blog post about Josh and the effect it has had on him. And here it is...


Our visit to Moshi HQ

One lovely September day will forever be remembered by my children as one of the best days ever! We headed up to London and after visiting the London Eye, trekked over to Shoreditch to visit Moshi HQ.

It actually all felt like a dream really and we just wanted to pinch ourselves to see if it was really happening. My two sons are THE biggest Moshi Monsters fans and there was nothing in the world that could have been more special to them than this.

After getting to have a behind-the-scenes peek at a new moshling that was being designed, and a clue about where the next Super Moshi mission would be based, they got to see the 'tree house' with glump bean bags and then [nearly faints] meet MR MOSHI himself!