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Miss T's tooth trauma 3 years on

I reckon most people spend Father's day thinking about their dads or other family members but for me, Father's day reminds me of the awful day that poor Miss T suffered a horrible tooth trauma resulting in one of the front adult teeth being knocked out. 

It was 3 years ago in 2019 on Father's day that we were due to meet up with some other JIA families. Looking back, the signs were there to perhaps not attend as the weather hadn't been great but I have never been one to let others down and as the organisation concerned had created an official "event" on Facebook for the meet-up, I felt that we would be letting others down if we didn't go to the park that day. 

I wrote up about what happened to Miss T's tooth at the time as we were shocked by the lack of knowledge by the emergency services about what to do. 

However, we are eternally grateful to our own dental practice who DID know what to do to give that tooth the best chances, however slim they were. It turns out that on a Sunday afternoon there were no NHS emergency dental services available for children and so it resulted in a big emergency call out fee at the dental practice. 

These are photos from the day at the hospital where they didn't know what to do so I attempted to reinsert the tooth myself.  

And then after our wonderful dentist managed to clean-up and splint the tooth in place. 

 It was mushy food and drinking through a straw for a long while after that. 

Yet Miss T showed the most incredible bravery throughout. 

I hope it never happens to you, but if it does, it's worth familiarising yourself beforehand with what to do if an adult tooth gets knocked out because there is no guarantee that the emergency services will give you the advice you need at the time. 

I've written up about the "pick, lick and stick" message that we were told about afterwards on this post I wrote up at the time. 

She was supposed to be monitored on a regular basis by Kings Dental hospital but since the COVID pandemic began, her appointment that was due in June 2020 was cancelled and we haven't had another one through yet despite chasing up on several occasions.

She attends our own dental practice for her routine dental check-ups so I'm hoping that if anything significant was spotted that we'd know about it through the routine check-ups. 

The long-term outlook for that tooth remains very uncertain. They explained to us at the time that once the risk of infection has passed/reduced, the tooth still won't be the same as the others due to the way that it fuses to the bone making it unreceptive to orthodontic treatment and at risk of infraocclusion as she grows.  

I continue to pray for that tooth so that by some miracle it will turn out to have reintegrated back into her mouth in a way that the dentists thought not possible. It seems to have done amazingly well so far given the risks and how the odds were stacked against it and I hope that it continues to amaze us. 

Miss T at 10: Happy Birthday

A couple of months ago,  Miss T turned 10. As this blog was started the year she was born back in 2012 to keep track of all her baby milestones, it seems only right to make  sure that her 10th birthday gets a mention on the blog too!

She had the biggest growth spurt during lockdown and is now nearly as tall as me! She can fit into all my clothes. This used to be my dress at one point! 
I didn't have the energy to bake a cake myself this year but we thought this rainbow cake from Ocado was rather lovely. 
And Miss T was thrilled to have granny and grandad round for her birthday. 
Still making an effort to be socially distanced - so this was the alternative to a hug. 
Big bro helps to light the candles. But the wind kept blowing them out, 

So it was indoors for the candles in the end. 

She was also lucky to have a garden visit from her bestie on her actual birthday too! Her wonderful friend stayed in touch throughout these difficult couple of years whilst Miss T missed a LOT of school. When I compare that to my own childhood, it seemed that as soon as I was away from school for hospital stays and when my JIA (juvenile idiopathic arthritis) was so bad that I couldn't go to school that it was very much a case of "out of sight, out of mind". I remember being visited by school friends for my first hospital stay but I don't remember many, if any, school friends staying in touch beyond that with my second, longer, hospital stay and the rest of the time I was off school. So I'm forever grateful to her wonderful friend for being such a good friend and staying in touch with Miss T. 

Miss T has grown her collection of Maileg mice in recent years. It all started many years ago with Miss Mouse (shown on bottom right of photo). Then there was Amber (sitting next to Miss Mouse) and then her collection grew from there. So her mice along with a couple of new ones that arrived for her birthday got together for a birthday photo for Miss T. 
It goes without saying that we are incredibly proud of the young lady that Miss T is growing into. She shows so much courage and resilience with everything she goes through. It was tough re-starting her injections in March after a break without them but she knew and understood that it was the best way to get her arthritis under control again after it has started to flare in her jaw since last October. 

Thankfully the methotrexate seems to be working again and though she has some damage to her jaw from when her JIA began and possibly more damage from the flare, the pain seems to have subsided with her weekly methotrexate injections. 

We love her passion for the planet and always being conscious of things like her plastic consumption. She adores penguins - one of the core reasons for her eco ways and dreams of being a penguinologist. She already researches facts about penguins and draws pictures of penguins all the time! 

Miss T you are amazing. Your smile lights up our lives. We love you so much!


Scotland, Dunragit, Stranraer: November 2021

This is my usual summary post where I can list each of my blogposts from our little break away in one place to find them more easily.


Scotland: Day 3 Visiting Stranraer

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

The photos have ended up in a bit of a muddled order and it seems to take age to try to re-jiggle them in the right places, so will leave them muddled...But these were the photos from our third and final full day in Scotland. 

We enjoyed the hot tub on a couple of occasions and on this occasion, Miss T joined us too. 

We'd headed to the actual town of Stranraer in the morning and then had a look around the farm in the afternoon.  

Very close by to where we were staying in Dunragit, are Glenwhan Gardens. We never found time to visit there properly despite it being so close by but it has great reviews on Tripadvisor and has stunning views and a tea room, so next time we head to Scotland, we will be visiting! 

And these were the piggies on the farm that we totally fell in love with. You could save your scraps of food to feed them with, which they very much enjoyed. 

Beautiful poppy display in Stranraer

Stunning coastline of Stranraer
We'd packed up another picnic that morning and headed to Stranraer. The coastline was stunning and though it was a windy day, the sun was shining. 

Though our little stay was much shorter than we would have liked (we had existing commitments to get home for so couldn't extend our stay), we really tried to make the most of it and we realised just how much we had needed a little break away after being at home for so long. 

There is only one regret that I live with about our trip to Scotland. On the Wednesday night, we started seeing tweets about the northern lights being visible from various places in Scotland. There were even people posting photos of seeing the northern lights from as far south as York and Norfolk in England! Just mind blowing. 

We checked the website that shows the chance of spotting the northern lights from the UK and sure enough it was on the highest alert. Interestingly it had also been on high alert on Sunday night when we had travelled through the night to get to Scotland. It made me think back to when I spotted a green hue in the distance and assumed it was light pollution coming from a town but that MAY well have been the northern lights I had seen without even realising it. 

The kids were in bed and we knew that we had an incredibly long drive home the next day so the sensible part of our brains took control and made sure we got to bed instead of waking the kids up to go for a drive in the hope of spotting the northern lights. 

The next morning, I woke up with total regret about this as it dawned on me just how much of a rare opportunity it was for us to have been in Scotland AND for there to have been a rare high alert of spotting the aurora borealis. It is on my bucket list to see it so I very much hope I will get another opportunity! 

We had a reasonably good journey home on Thursday with one bit of traffic hold up but generally good going for most the journey and we definitely want to head back to Scotland again and stay longer and visit more of Scotland. 

We are truly grateful to Laura at The House of Holidays and the property owners of The Coo Shed in Dunragit for such a wonderful stay. It is somewhere that we would wholeheartedly recommend and very much want to visit again. 

We'll leave you with a little video of the piggies - aren't they just adorable!!! 


Scotland, Stranraer: Day 2 Visiting Port Patrick

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

I can only describe my night's sleep as PERFECT. It may be partly because we were so tired from the long drive the night before but the beds are also outstandingly amazing and absolutely perfect for my back. 

The upstairs king-size bedroom with en-suite

One of the en-suite shower rooms

The twin room

Some extra seats on the landing

An extra seating area on the landing for bedtime stories

The living room area with a viewing window to watch the cows

The open plan kitchen area

The downstairs bedroom

I've lost count of the number of times that we've ended up cutting a holiday short because my back pain became unbearable due to the beds not being suitable so once I find somewhere with good beds, it stays on my radar and this place is definitely going to be staying on our radar for our next trip to Scotland as we definitely want to visit again. 

Stunning patterns in the rocks

Amazing landscapes! 

We packed up a picnic lunch and headed Port Patrick. It's a picturesque little harbour town close to where we are staying. As it is mid-week, term-time and out of season, it is really very quiet here. And it's a rainy day too. But it is still incredibly beautiful with it's rocky landscape.  

I have a thing about lichen! 

It was about a 25 min drive from Dunragit which is where we are staying. There was an old castle ruins which we took a closer look at. Note to self: I must look up history of Dunskey castle. You can get up to it but not inside it. There didn't look like there was much inside it anyhow. Perhaps it's a little like Sham castle in Bath where it was a built to look like a castle as a facade? But then again, Dunskey castle did have a small interior so I'm curious to know it's purpose. 

We looked around Port Patrick too and there weren't many places open mid-week off-season but it is still a lovely place to visit to see the stunning coastal scenery. 

 We headed back to our accommodation in the afternoon for hot chocolate and some of the delicious treats in our treat tray we received waiting for us on arrival. 

 We thought it was also time to check out the amazing hot tub. This property benefits from the covered hot tub so even when it was raining we were able to enjoy it. There are beautiful fairy lights around and we noticed that as it grew dark, the courtyard outside the property was also strung with fairy lights too giving the place a magical touch in the evenings. 

We've been watching Heroes recently so we watched a couple of episodes of that before another brilliant night's sleep. 

Miss T's school had asked if she could do some mini vlogs about her trip so she did a tour of our accommodation here: