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Mauritius Diary - Sunday 6th August to Weds 9th August

This summer, we had an amazing 'trip of a lifetime' holiday courtesy of granny, and my holiday posts are our way of capturing those memories like an online photo album for the kids to look back on about their special holiday. I don't expect anyone to keep reading it all as there's two weeks worth of blogposts coming up as and when I find time to match up the photos to the text I wrote at the time - so apologies if it gets boring. 

Written up on Wednesday 9th August 2017

Sunday was the big day. The holiday that granny booked over a year ago. The one that Miss T has been talking about non-stop and literally counting down the days to. 
first glimpse of the island from the airplane

Miss T excited at her first glimpse from the airplane

We knew that Sunday and a part of Monday would be wiped out by the 15 hours or so travelling time. Split between two flights - one Heathrow to Dubai, the second Dubai to Mauritius, then an hour by minibus across this beautiful island with the most stunning scenery and quirky buildings. 

We loved seeing the sugar cane growing across the island, the views of the mountains all around and the tea crops growing. 

The buildings were so varied from ramshackle rundown empty buildings, to impressive architecture to ornate and colourful temples. 

I was just mesmerised seeing the variety and it took my mind off the awful flight experience I had. Although I've experienced sea sickness before I've always been OK on flights.  Until now it seems. Upon hitting some turbulence I ended up feeling faint for what seemed a long time with voices fading into the distance, breaking out in a cold sweat and feeling like all the blood had drained from my head. I'm really hoping it was a one off and that I'll be fine on the way home. 
The fountains on the drive leading up to the resort's entrance
It was around noon on Monday that we arrived at the Maritim resort in Balaclava. 
first glimpse of the view of the pool, beach and sea
The grounds were green and lush and beautiful . Upon arriving we were treated to a welcome drink (a delicious green creamy concoction which was much appreciated after our long journey) and given some details about the resort. 

Granny's room was ready so we were able to unpack our swim stuff so that we could get a swim in before our room was ready at 3pm.

We also had lunch at the Belle Vue restaurant which had a fantastic array of dishes buffet style. 

After our swim we headed back, showered, unpacked and got changed.  Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and more fabulous food at the Belle Vue. 

There are several restaurants on site but all need booking for the evening with the exception of Belle Vue. 

An early night for all to catch up on sleep.

The rooms were lovely

complete with a walk-in wardrobe area - how pleasant to find a hotel room with enough space for clothes! 

Twin basins - practical as well as beautiful

Miss T's turtle club welcome bag - the bag proved so handy for the pool and beach too! 
Tuesday 8th August 2017

By booking a prestige room, you can have breakfast at the beach restaurant, La Maree, which is quite literally located on the beach. 

It is an amazing way to start the day as the views are just breathtaking. 

After breakfast we got ready to head to the beach for a day of splashing in the sea, sand, sun and a spot of snorkelling. 

It wasn't long before granny had disappeared into the ocean with her snorkel. When she reappeared complaining of sunburnt shoulders, we noticed it looked more like stings of some sort than sunburn so off she headed to find the medical room. 

£104 later she came back armed with a load of lotions and potions and pills. 

What an eventful way to start the holiday! 
3 generations on holiday!
The kids just couldn't get enough of the beach spending pretty much the entire day there building a castle and moat and protecting it from the sea with ongoing repairs. 
building sandcastles

This would become one of their fave activities throughout the holiday

Drinks would be delivered to your sunlounger by putting up the 'service' flag. So cool! 
I took the opportunity to check out the spa whilst they were at the beach. 

Then it was showers, change of clothes and dinner at the Belle Vue - it was an Indian themed night with amazing Indian dishes and live Indian instruments being played.  We've booked ahead to try some of the other restaurants in the evenings.  It's worth noting that the first dinner reservation we managed to get was for Friday - 3 days ahead. Some places didn't have space until Monday - 6 days ahead! So the moral of the story is to book early. 

In the evening we had a drink at the Quarter Deck bar. Then me, Richard, D and Miss T headed back to get some sleep whilst Granny and J stayed on to watch the dance entertainment. 

Wednesday 9th August 2017
Good morning Granny!

off to breakfast at La Maree

La Maree breakfast

Which brings us to today. We wanted to see the famous giant tortoises so after breakfast at La Maree on the beach we made a beeline for the animal sanctuary where the stables are found along with the giant tortoises, giant turtles, goats, ducks, rabbits and some of the dogs and cats that have made this place their home. 

slightly giant tortoise obsessed! 

They have an animal welfare scheme where they look after stray dogs and cats giving them food and vaccines so that they do not become a nuisance to guests. 
the river
Seeing the horses around the resort became something we spotted each day
Back to the Belle Vue for lunch.  Then the glass bottom boat ride in the afternoon.  I enjoyed this far more than I expected to, spotting parrot fish, starfish, giant clams and even a sea snake. 

Although when the sea got a teeny bit choppy it was enough to make me turn white as a sheet and start to feel queasy. 
the pool water was chilly and we had the pool largely to ourselves for the first week

the two pools linked together under a bridge - this was the infinity pool

Gorgeous infinity pool

As it was a hot sunny day today we fancied heading to the pool after that. It took me a while to brave the chilly pool water which at this time of year feels just a tad cool for me as it is technically winter here. 

The infinity pool being deeper is even colder but the gorgeous views of the sun beginning to go down make it worth braving the colder water. 

Miss T headed for a play at the turtle club with granny whilst D discovered the crepes and biscuits at the Quarterdeck. 

Back to our rooms. Shower then dinner at the Belle Vue overlooking the pool lit up so pretty at night. 

Being winter, it gets dark pretty early too although so far hasn't got too chilly in the evenings. 

When we saw the orange glow of sky this evening we rushed out to take a few photos just as the sun was setting. 

We had evening drinks at the quarter deck before miss t just couldn't stay awake any longer so we headed back to get her to bed. 

Night night. 

More pics from today: