> The Beesley Buzz: 2018

Dino Golf - May 2018

We've been blessed with the most glorious weather each time we've visited Dino Golf. This was our visit back in May. The evenings are so much quieter and it was a great way to spend some family time together.  Roll on next summer...I can't wait for the return of long summery days...


My Little Frida Kahlo

Miss T was so inspired by the story of Frida Kahlo in her Three cheers for women book by Marcia Williams that she wanted to dress up as Frida Kahlo. 

So back in June we dug out some of her brightest clothes and floral hair clips and she got to dress up as Freda. 


Brighton memories - May 2018

A few more photos to upload before the year is out...after losing my dad at Easter, I really felt the urge to visit some of the places we used to visit when I was growing up.

I felt the same urge after losing mum back in 2002 but this time I had my kids with me to show them the parks and places I used to go to when I was their age...


Ametsa restaurant at COMO the Halkin

It feels strange to be writing a blogpost on Christmas day about something that happened back in May. But it's been such a wonderful relaxed Christmas that whilst Miss T and daddy have popped out to check on granny and grandad's dog, and the boys are happily playing a new game on the switch that I've actually managed to snatch a few moments for myself. Bliss. And for me one of my favourite pastimes is blogging and getting some of my photos up onto the blog to treasure. 

So back in May, Miss T had just completed 2 weeks of intensive physio at Great Ormond street hospital for her juvenile idiopathic arthritis, I had met up with her and daddy for the last day. 

We decided that after such a tough couple of weeks (both physically exhausting and emotionally draining) that we would end on a high point with a special lunch.

I had won a buy a gift smartbox dinner date voucher via Ancestry DNA and whilst it can be used in loads of places, we wanted to choose somewhere really special. 

Having followed COMO the Halkin hotel on Instagram for a while, I knew their food was exquisite. So we booked a lunch there at the Ametsa restaurant. 

The menu was really unique and the food so beautifully presented...truly like works of art.
We chose the tomato and raspberry soup to start with.
Followed by Pollo Pepita, the chicken dish.

For dessert we chose the colourful crystals...difficult to explain but again very unique and special. Each of the colourful shards was a different flavour, served with a crumb and a cheesecakey-like mousse in the middle.

Miss T loved the style and decor at Ametsa with the beautiful glass tubes of sand forming a stunning ceiling.
At the end of our meal we were served these beautiful filled chocolates - each filled with a different flavour inside alongside a crumb which also tasted fabulous.

It was a special place to visit with Miss T. Now I wouldn't necessarily take all my children there but I know that Miss T's behaviour is generally impeccable most of the time so I figured she'd be fine. And she was.