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How we celebrated Children's Book Week

Once upon a time, there was a family of five,
During Children's Book Week, their stories came alive.
This year they ventured on a great bear hunt,
It was a beautiful day, and they had lots of fun.

Through the long grass...

Swishy Swashy!
and through the thick mud...
Squelch Squerch!
...and they weren't scared when they heard a loud thud.
They found the bear, with her shiny wet nose,
But she was cute, not scary ('til she cried, they supposed).

During that week, they made crafts galore,
Like this fabulous collage of an elephant called Elmer.

They made posters too and decorations,
To mark Children's Book Week celebrations.

They went to the library, borrowed 18 books!
Then read them at home in every cranny and nook.

They each had their favourites, and this is mum's
It will cheer you up if you're feeling glum:
'The Snail and the Whale' is written in rhyme,
I love to read it again, time and time.
The moral of the story is the very best part.
It always pulls at the strings of my heart...
Even if you sometimes feel like that snail so small,
You can still do something to change the world.

So that was our book week, our story's been told...
You can enjoy childrens books no matter how young or how old.



  1. Really fab post - loved your bear hunt idea

    1. thank you mums make lists. It is one of my favourite books. (well i have lots of faves but it is still one that i will be keeping hold of long after the kids grow out of it). x


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