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A good homeschool day

I love it on those days when things just seem to come together and the boys have fun learning almost without realising that they are. Josh has been incredibly relaxed and happy for 2 days. If he was to be able to transfer this relaxed happy state into every situation, he would honestly be the perfect child. But unfortunately, like a lot of children with ASD, some days he just wakes up with his jug full and then things just spill over from there - but thankfully today was not one of those days.

Just as well really as I had a bout of insomnia last night and didn't get to sleep until 4.30am and was honestly wondering how our homeschool day would go.

It is amazing how using the topics they are into (namely Moshi monsters), schoolwork is transformed into something so exciting and fun. Josh had been looking at shape nets recently and then in this months moshi magazine, not only is there a piccy of my boys in there again, but there are these fanstatic cube shape nets to make 'cublings'.

The perfect practical excercise to consolidate what he has been learning!

And he has already started to plan how he could make a pyramid so that he can make his own version of Cleo the moshling.

And then onto cuboids for Rocky, Gabby, and Nipper too perhaps. I can see us having lots of fun with this idea!


  1. So glad you had a good day - hope the sleep comes back!


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