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Shadow puppets

Joshua made a T-rex. Look at those fierce teeth!

Mondays seem to be a good day for homeschooling. It is probably due to both me and the kids feeling relaxed and refreshed from the weekend and ready to make a start on the week ahead. Well whatever, the reason, I'm not going to complain - We just try to make the most of it on good days!

The boys whizzed through all their 'folder' work today so quickly that we even had time to make shadow puppets. So simple, yet such fun! The boys were able to plan out their puppet, draw it, cut it out and then attach the sticks.

Daniel made a sea monster...

We talked about how shadows are made. Light. Transparent / Translucent / Opaque. How the sun casts shadows. And why mummy's mermaid on acetate didn't work anywhere near as well as Josh and Daniel's shadow puppets.

Trinity also loved watching as she was mesmerised by watching the puppet shows the boys did with their puppets.

This is a great activity to remember for a rainy day. Apart from being great fun to do, it also costs next to nothing.


  1. There's something magical about shadows isn't there - at the end of the summer we used to walk home through the park from nursery as sun going down and having sun fun seeing our shadows getting longer and longer and then playing shadow tag :-)

    1. sounds like fun! reminds me of when the kids try to make a really really tall shadow by standing on each others (shadows) heads. Can't wait for the summer when we can do that again x


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