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Meet the two monsters!


When we became one of the bloggers lucky enough to work with Nuby to review a selection of their products, I very much imagined that it would be a job for mummy and Trinity. I certainly didn't expect there to be quite so much excitement from the boys when we opened our parcel to find these fantastic Nuby Monster plates.

Although described as 'Toddler' plates - it just goes to show that you are never too old to enjoy monsters.

The boys have agreed that they will of course share them with Trinity too...

As you can see, the bright colours and fun design appealed to all. If you position food onto the middle of the monsters mouth it actually looks really cool like the monster is actually eating it.

Mummy's first priorty was far more of a practical nature as I searched through the small print on the packaging to see if a) the plates can be used in the microwave as that it mega important in this household and b) if they were dishwasher safe.

And I was delighted to find that YES they can be used in both a microwave and a dishwasher. Phew! The last thing I need is to add to my list of chores by having to heat food separately or wash these up separately.

It would be great if Nuby really shouted about this on their packaging as I imagine that other parents would find it useful to know straight away that these great plates are both microwave and dishwasher safe.
These plates are different to other ones that we have tried (other than looking really great with the monster design) because they have 'feet' which help them feel a bit more stable that other plates and 'hands' which are great for your little monsters hands to hold onto.

Overall a great design which appeals to babies, toddlers and anyone who likes monsters! So if you decide to get yourself one of these, you can be pretty confident it will remain a favourite of your little monsters for a long time to come.

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