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Reasons to be cheerful...hanging onto hope!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Despite somehow not managing to get the blog hop thingy bit showing last time I tried to join in with mummy from the hearts lovely Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop, I was eagerly waiting all week to try to join in again. That was until I heard two pieces of really sad news and then thought to myself, how on earth can I join in with the bloghop having heard what I have just heard.

But I think that one of the great things about R2BC is that we can actually look for these reasons, these glimpses of hope even at difficult times. And so I hope that as I write this, I do manage to do this and not end up with something depressing and negative.

1) The first bit of really awful news was that we heard that one of my closest friends is very unwell. I don't really think I have even got to grips with the shock news of this. But I want to ask everyone who reads this who is the praying type to please pray for a miracle. Even if the doctors say there is no cure, I know someone who can change all that and I am pleading with Him to help. So I am hanging on to hope in this situation!

2) We also heard news of a friend of the family who was involved in a horrendous accident. Rather than dwell on the horrendous injuries sustained, we are thankful that she survived and again anyone able to, please pray for a recovery in this situation. Again we are hanging onto hope that a full recovery will be made and we are so thankful that she survived the accident.

3) Yesterday, something happened that never happens. The doorbell rang and it was Royal Mail with a huge parcel wrapped in lovely pink wrapping paper. The thing that never happens is the Royal Mail bit (not the doorbell ringing or the pink wrapping paper). It was SUNDAY - since when has post been delivered on a Sunday?!

Anyway to squeals of excitement and Daniel shouting out "it feels like it's Christmas", the kids quickly got stuck into unwrapping this lovely parcel.

Inside was the most delightful gift you can imagine. A gorgeous Miffy cuddly toy and a Miffy bag. Here's Trinity trying to get a look in on the action too and the boys also enjoyed using the box as a boat!

I was overwhelmed by the kindness of the sender. It was a gift from a fellow blogger who happened to notice that we like Miffy. It was just such a kind idea and it made us realise what lovely people are out there.

Thank you so much to gifts from the pirates for this lovely gift. For any other Miffy fans out there, if you haven't already seen it, you just have to read this blog post by gifts from the pirates as it is just the most romantic wedding proposal we have ever heard of.

So this was a lovely cheerful way that we were able to end our weekend on!


  1. That was very kind of you to write a post. Im really sorry to hear about your family member and friend. We also had some bad news over the last few weeks regarding a family member so i understand how upsetting it can be. I hope that the package cheered you all up if only for a brief moment. Its always nice to know that new friends are out there and you guys seem like a lovely bunch. hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    1. thanks for your kind words Pauly. It really was a lovely surprise - thank you so much. The Miffy cuddly has already become a firm favourite for Trinity and I imagine she will always adore it. x

  2. That's good to hear. I'm glad they have gone to a good home. We certainly know where to send miffy items next time were having a clear out. Hope you guys are all having a nice weekend despite recent events xxx

    1. Yeah - it has been nice to relax a bit today after a busy week. The boys have been pretty good too which really helps! Hope you are enjoying your weekend also. x

    2. yes its been relaxing this end too. still desperately trying to de-clutter the house ready for christmas. Im so excited about christmas this year it cant come soon enough. All the boys presents few sorted weeks ago, im on the ball this year. xx

    3. wish we were a bit more organised! Did see santa arrive at our local garden centre today so I guess that was our first attempt at starting to get into the festive spirit. x

  3. Hello... oh I'm sorry you've had such sad/difficult news recently. It's one of the things I do like about the R2BC blog-hop... even in amidst a bleak time it's possible to find some reasons to be cheerful. Sending you big hugs and hoping that miracles come your way x

    1. thank you Katie. Yes we are really praying for those miracles for our dear friends! x


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