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Baby number three: We all love Trinity sooo much

It is way past my bedtime. Trin will probably wake shortly for a night feed as she has started doing again (I know, I know, bad habit to get into but don't feel ready to face any sort of controlled crying just yet), but couldn't let the day be over without saying just how much we all love Trinity and how lovely it is having her around. She always has the sweetest smiles, the cheekiest grins, and the giggliest giggles and is just such a happy baby.

Yes it sounds soppy and twee but I don't care. To think that a few years ago we were not even sure if we were going to have a third baby, and now it feels like she has been here forever. She seems to have a magic that is infectious and makes everyone around her happy. I remember when we went on the tube trains in London where nobody normally speaks to each other or smiles, in our carriage there were so many people smiling at Trin and commenting how lovely she was.

I can't get over how smitten the boys are with her. I thought that the novelty of wanting to 'hold the baby' would wear off but 7 months on, here they are always asking "mummy, can I cuddle Trin".

I especially love it that however cross and angry Joshua gets with the rest of us, he always only has gentleness, smiles and oodles of love for Trinity. It is just so special.

And as for Daniel, I have never heard of a more original excuse for staying up late and not getting to bed as he is stroking Trin's head and talking baby language to her, I tell him to get to bed. He replies "but it is not my fault that Trinity is soooo cute. It's God's fault for making her so cute!"


  1. How lovely! I love how gentle and kind Ben is with his baby sister too, it's so heartwarming to watch x

    1. Thanks Jennifer. It is such a relief because whilst I was pregnant we really feared the worst about how the boys would react, especially because J is prone to lashing out with his ASD as he struggles a lot with any kind of self-regulating his behaviour. So it is amazing to see him with Trin and see just how loving he can be for someone who supposedly cannot show his emotions. x

  2. Your children sound adorable. It great when your children get on. Seth and opeie are the best of friends xx

    1. thanks Pauly. 'Adorable' is not always the first word that springs to mind! - but when they get on it is really lovely and special. Even the boys seem to have a special bond - i think because they are so close in age (21 months between them), they can't remember life without each other. But that small age gap also makes them prone to squabbling about things too! x


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