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Bonfire night...a change of plan!

We have a bit of a tradition in our family which started when I was a kid. My dad would come over and take me and my brother out on bonfire night and although he never took us to proper paid-for displays we used to have such a lovely time.

He used to find the highest spot in town to park the car and we'd get great views of all the fireworks across town. Sometimes we would even wind back the sunroof window in the top of the car (whatever happened to those - don't seem to get them so much on cars nowadays) and stick our heads out the top of the car to get a REALLY good view.

We loved it so much because it became a tradition that happened most years. (Apart from the one year I waited and waited and was devastated that he never came because when I had asked him the previous year if we could do it again next year, he had said 'yes' so I just couldn't believe he had forgotten.)

As Josh has never been too keen on loud noises (even before we knew about his ASD and sensory processing issues we had noticed that he wasn't too keen on fireworks displays) from very early on, we took him in the car and drove to the highest point in town and from the cosy warmth of the car, often with marshmallows, jelly beans and warm milk, we watch for a while and get to see a constant display of fireworks from all over the town rather than just from one display.

This tradition has carried on for all 8 years of his life until this evening. Daddy headed out with the boys but soon returned with Daniel complaining of feeling unwell and then....vomit all over the playrug and that smell permeating throughout the house.

So we cleaned up Daniel and the house, and tried to calm down a very devastated Josh (He really doesn't cope well with changes to plan - especially to long established traditions like our special fireworks night drive that he has been looking forward to all year).  Josh sat in his room trying to catch a glimpse of some fireworks.

I have promised him that if all is well tomorrow - we can try to do our firework watching then so fingers crossed for a quick recovery for Daniel and a clear dry night weatherwise tomorrow!


  1. Hope he's feeling a bit better today x x x

    1. thank you. He had a tough night but woke up saying he was hungry and has been ok today. x

  2. Oh dear... hope Daniel is feeling better today, and that you've managed to see some fireworks. x

    1. thanks Katie. I am hoping it was just too many marshmallows yesterday that caused it. Despite being up many times with sickness through the night, he actually seems fine today.x


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