> The Beesley Buzz: Tots 100 CenterParcs family challenge: Meet The Dragon Defeater!

Tots 100 CenterParcs family challenge: Meet The Dragon Defeater!

Meet The Dragon Defeater...
A waterslide like no other, the Dragon Defeater promises you the ride of a lifetime. It feels like you are actually riding on a dragon. The most enthralling and exciting waterslide that a LEGO person has ever dared to ride on...Watch this amazing video and see for yourself...

So now you have seen our waterslide ride in action, here's how we came up with the idea. CenterParcs and Tots 100 certainly made sure it was a family effort for us as we were all involved with coming up with various ideas and scribbled them onto paper as our 'blueprint' from which to then make our model.

First up, Daniel's BIG idea - He thought it would feel amazing to actually fly on a dragon. And if you survive it - you defeat the Dragon. Hence our overall concept and name of our waterslide became "The Dragon Defeater".

So once you climb up ready to start the waterslide ride, entry had to be into the dragon's mouth, naturally...

Next came Joshua's rather bizarre dream. He had only a few nights before dreamt about a waterslide which included a 'jump' in it - so that idea went into the mix...

And here's how that translated into our model...
Phew - he made it over the jump! There is also a big plunge pool underneath for those who don't quite make the jump. Oh and before you set the health and safety police onto us, we let our imaginations go wild for this ride and would not ever actually be making this ride for real!

So just to really add to the dragon effect, as the rider makes the jump, pyrotechnics would go off either side of him triggered by sensors.

Throughout the other amazing twists, turns, tunnels and curves, the flow of water would be lit up with red and orange lights making it look like a 'River of Fire' being breathed by the dragon.

Joshua thought of that idea, inspired by a candle light bulb he has.

Daddy loves the idea of huge whirlpool-style funnels and inspired by the new Tropical Cyclone ride at Center Parcs Elveden Forest, we had to include our very own version...
Of course you will need a huge plunge pool to splash into after the funnel. This will give such a huge splash that you will finally fully defeat the dragon as no dragon could keep breathing fire with so much water splashing up and extinguishing it's 'flames'.

Here was the construction stage well underway...
and the final (huge) waterslide... (you will need to see the video near the start of this post to fully appreciate the size as scale of this beast as it wouldn't all fit in a photo very neatly)....

So do you dare to ride it? Will you Defeat the Dragon? We hope you enjoyed your ride on the amazing Dragon Defeater waterslide.

Each month for the next 10 months, CenterParcs are going to be challenging bloggers to complete a fun task with their family. This month's challenge certainly was good fun! So this is our entry into the Tots100 Let your imagination flow with Center Parcs design-a-waterslide challenge.


  1. Love this, very best of luck with your entry :-)xxx

    1. thanks so much! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as the boys worked SO hard on this. x

  2. Woah... Am going to Elveden soon, and it made me think twice before deciding what rides to go on!!


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