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Ask Her Friends Review


Hi, it's Richard here. And I've been on a secret mission to find a perfect gift for Becky with a little help from AskHerFriends.

AskHerFriends is a great concept. Designed for husbands, boyfriends, partners, brothers... in fact, men in general, to help them find the ideal gift for the woman in their life.

Registering with the site was pretty simple. There was an explanation of the steps right at the top, but lots more information about why this was a good idea further down. I know why this is a good idea already - I can't buy decent presents for my wife and any help I can get is welcome!

They have a fabulous "Ideas map" tool where, with just a few clicks, I was invited to answer some questions to help the site narrow down the list of choices for me to choose from. This wasn't entirely simple - the questions were simple, and the answers were right there on the screen, but I honestly couldn't answer all of them! No problem, though, as the site seems to know better than me and accepted that as a mere man, I couldn't possibly know and it carried on regardless. Phew!

After I gave a price guide, it gave me a list of possible options. The next step was very easy - click to add it to the short list, or click that she wouldn't like it. This was a very quick process, and gave a good range of possible options. Once you have a selection of gift ideas selected, you can go ahead and ask her friends.

The alternative, which I also tried, is to go through the catalogue and browse by category and/or price. There are loads of gift ideas on there, including many I would never have thought of myself! Bijou, unique and personalised gifts abound, and there was no shortage of imagination on offer. There are ideas for all price brackets, too, so this should suit every pocket. The problem with browsing the catalogue is that it all becomes a bit too much! Again, very easy to add things to a short-list, but very difficult to know what my beautiful wife might like as a present to start with!
Whilst browsing the site, here are the pick of my favourites* (not necessarily for Becky - as her gift is to remain top secret until it arrives!):
Under £10:
Chocolate Scrabble Chocolate Scrabble
View larger image of Karlsson Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock Black HandsKarlsson Pictogram Rainbox Wall Clock
Nancy Dee Brooke Dress Black Nancy Dee Black Brooke Dress
On to the real benefit of the site - asking her friends! There are a number of ways of doing this, from sending emails direct from the site to her friends, connecting via Facebook, sending a link direct, or even sending a rather cryptic message to the lady in question to ask her to forward to her friends. I'm not sure how well that would work for a secret gift. I chose the Facebook option and we were off.
Friends being asked to help have a simple way of giving feedback - rate each thing on the short-list (of up to 10 ideas) from 0 - 5. If they wish, they can add comments to any of the products, or a comment overall, and click send. Add their name, and it's done. All the feedback is then put together for the hapless male to look at and decide which one it will be.
 So, no excuse for more socks this Christmas (although some rather fancy socks are available from the site if that is what your lady would like), AskHerFriends and see what they think of your gift ideas!
Do check back for the second part of the review to find out what Becky's surprise gift is once it arrives.
The Beesley Buzz was asked to review the AskHerFriends website and they are kindly providing the chosen gift. However, all the opinions given in this review are my own.

*note: we have endeavoured to check that prices correct at time of publishing but please check the price at time of purchase.

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