> The Beesley Buzz: Summer memories - Joshua at the Produced in Kent final

Summer memories - Joshua at the Produced in Kent final

Photo courtesy of Produced in Kent

 I have spent the evening tidying up my emails and came across this photo of Joshua from the Summer. He had made a 'picture' from vegetables that had been produced locally and was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist.

Here are the shorlisted entries that went through to the live final.

I remember being so nervous for Joshua that day. He had confidently produced his original picture entirely unaided but that was at home i.e. in familiar surroundings with only his family around him.

How would he cope in unfamiliar surroundings with a load of strangers around???? We have seen all too often that our dear Joshua can so easily reach meltdown when things are not familiar as we have blogged about before.

I needn't have been nervous because on this occassion, Josh did amazingly well. He just focused on the task he needed to do. He completed it in mega-quick time and again worked completely unaided whereas some of the other finalists needed support from their teachers / parents for the fiddly bits of cutting the vegetables etc.

Here's the Produced in Kent gallery showing pictures from the live final. Joshua got the Silver medal.

Needless to say we were SO very proud of him - not just for his silver medal but because we knew just what a big acheivement it was for him to 'hold it together' on the day. Well done Josh!

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