> The Beesley Buzz: Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa NorthernMum.com,

We heard that you were going to make somebody's wish come true this Christmas with your fantastic competition to win Next vouchers for the perfect Christmas outfit.
The boys were busy writing out their Christmas wishes in secret yesterday and, totally independent of each other, this is what they came up with...
Joshua's Christmas wish

Daniel's Christmas wish
So Santa may be able to help with the Wii part if we are extremely lucky, and although you may not be able to guarantee any snow for us, our perfect Christmas outfits from Next would involve preparing us for snow as we believe wishes can come true!
Let's be clear... the boys are REALLY hoping for snow - this is what they have been drawing today!
"OMG! Snow already!"

Daniel's snowman (strangely wearing a pirate's hat!)

So much snow, we'll need a digger to make the snowman!
Ok, now onto the outfits. Being extremely technologically challenged, but very keen to give this a go, I have Pinned our family's wishlist Next wardrobe onto Pinterest here. I have also, on Pinterest, added explanations about why we have chosen the items.
I'm going to pick out a few of my favourite items here to give you a flavour. There are LOADS more ideas we have pinned on Pinterest so these really are just a few:
This Christmas is going to be a really special one because it will be the first time ever that all five cousins on the Beesley side of the family will spend Christmas day together, so I couldn't resist but to include an outfit for each of my lovely nieces.
Buy Sequin Tunic from the Next UK online shop
Cousin Amber (aged 7) would look amazing in this dress.
Buy Cable Bobble Cardigan from the Next UK online shop
Cousin Erin (aged 5) would love these cute shoes!

As the boys have lived on hand-me-down clothes from a dear friend of ours, I have never had the opportunity to shop for clothes for them, so I have made the most of this 'virtual window shopping' to pick out some outfits that will make them scream with delight!
Buy Navy Angry Birds Space Gloves from the Next UK online shop
Joshua (8) and Daniel (6) would each get a pair of these Angry Birds gloves, for the snowball fights they are wishing for!

Although I do now have the excuse to shop for cute girls' clothes, I find that in reality I rarely get the time with the boys being home-schooled (and Josh having major sensory overload and meltdowns at the thought of going anywhere near a shop!). So I have also really enjoyed picking out an outfit for baby Trinity, too.
Buy Reindeer And Spot Sleepsuits Two Pack from the Next UK online shop
There probably won't be many Christmases where I can get away with dressing baby Trinity (8 months) in cute novelty Christmas outfits, so I'm going to make the most of it for her first Christmas.

Having recently bought his first new pair of pyjamas in years, we have discovered that Daddy looks great in purple pyjamas... so we think he would also look fabulous in this purple shirt.

Buy Purple Piped Shirt from the Next UK online shop
New shirt for Daddy.

And as for me, I think this coat would look amazing with the rest of the outfit I have chosen...

burgundy biker jacket
Great looking coat for mummy?

...BUT when has a mother ever been able to put herself first? So I have opted for a coat (this would be my first new coat in twelve years!) that is more suitable for playing in the snow.

Buy Navy Luxury Parka from the Next UK online shop
Practical, but still stylish!

So here's hoping for a snow-filled (and clothes-filled) Christmas, otherwise Trinity might just be wearing her birthday suit and getting chilly in the snow.
Baby you can leave your hat on!

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