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Wot so funee? You bucking idiot

This hot weather we've been having (which I am not complaining about) reminded me of a #funee moment that happened to my friend a couple of years ago during a hot spell which is too good not to share (I won't mention any names so I'm sure she won't mind).

Imagine the scene, hot day, car windows rolled down all the way, kids fed up on the school-run heading home after school. There is a rather tricky junction to pull out at and whilst waiting in the queue of traffic at the junction, a couple of the cars ahead of them had a minor collision.

Out jumps one of the drivers shouting profanities at the other driver all within clear ear shot of all the other cars around as windows were all down.

Things calm down, the two cars involved exchange details and drive away.

My friend carries on her journey home at which point her son (aged around 6 or 7 at the time) asks, "mum, what's a bucking idiot?"

Wot So Funee?

Do you have a #funee story to share this week? Why don't you join in Actually Mummy's blog hop (or for non-bloggers - feel free to leave a comment with anything #funee you want to share).


  1. Now this could save me from potential future copying mishaps, bucking idiot it is from now on...

  2. Brilliant. I can imagine how mortified GG would be if she overheard that!

    1. I know - I haven't the foggiest how I would explain it if it was my kids asking me. x


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