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T at 15 months

Last week, T turned 15 months.

These are her highlights:

She got new shoes as she is pretty stable with her walking now.

She loves said shoes so much that when she is not wearing them she carries them around saying 'shz'.

Although we don't have any particularly clear speech yet, it turns out she could give The Mimic a run for his money as she makes brilliant seagull noises, can copy a dog sneezing, and can replicate the sound of the last dregs of sun lotion puffing out of a bottle. Oh and she has been 'woofing' since she was 8 months old!

She has even had her first go at body boarding! Something that has taken me 35 years to try for the first time.

She loves sand and water play.

And she does a very cute scrunched-up smile to deliberately look extra cute at times!

Amazingly, much to my surprise, I am still breastfeeding her twice a day. Out of all three children I totally expected that I would only be able to breastfeed a short while because of our commitments of home-schooling and J needing so much attention with his Aspergers and yet incredibly, this has been the longest as I stopped with both J and D at around 10 or 11 months.

Neither she nor I am ready to stop just yet - so we'll continue and take each day at a time and see how we go.

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