> The Beesley Buzz: Ever fancied breaking a Guinness world record?

Ever fancied breaking a Guinness world record?

If you've ever wanted to be involved with helping to break a Guinness world record - here's your chance: You can help make the longest chain of paper dolls ever!

For more info and to download a template to join in, here's the link


A big thank you to our facebook friend and blog reader Tricia for letting us know about this as I'm sure it is something my kids would love to get involved in as they love crafts.

If keeping the kids busy during the summer hols is not enough of an incentive for you, then there is the added knowledge that PanMacmillan are donating 10p to Save the Children from every doll that joins the chain.

You may remember that Save The Children have joined forces with other charities in the #IF campaign.


  1. you are welcome....can't resist a creative challenge! hope the kids have fun! xxx


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