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Reasons to be Cheerful this week...

Just this weekend, I spotted my Black Tower bottle on the shelves for the first time! We went to a bigger ASDA store to have our eye tests and sure enough - there it was. It is also pretty cool seeing my design all over Black Tower's facebook page at the moment too. I never thought in a million years something like that would happen to me - but it did!

We had a really lovely break last week in Cornwall. Mummy from the Heart's R2BC post this week made me realise just how blessed we were to have such lovely weather there, that the journey's were manageable (rather than a complete nightmare!) and that the bed both in the Travelodge and also at Sands Hotel was firm and comfy for my back. We have had to cut short so many holidays in the past where the beds just haven't been firm enough for my back to cope with and my arthritis then flares up meaning we have no option but to head home early. Thankfully it was very different this time and we were able to really enjoy every second of our time there.

I briefly mentioned about J's amazing day in the last R2BC we joined in with - I finally got to writing up a post about it here. And D did one too as he was so proud of his big bro.

We got a shiny new badge for our blog side bar from Nosy Crow after being accepted to join the Nosy Crow Crew. A perfect role for our boys who adore books, apps and reading so much!

And finally, we were asked by The Toadstool to co-host a lovely giveaway. It is being co-hosted by Family Fever and us - so it is always nice to make new links with other bloggers as despite blogging for nearly a year now, there are relatively few bloggers that I feel I know very well. If you haven't entered yet, please do if you wish to - Here's the link for the giveaway. As this is all a bit new to us, would love it if anyone wanted to share the post on facebook or tweet about it to help spread the word.

It has encouraged us to get the ball rolling on another giveaway that we have been offered to host for sometime, but just didn't find time to get around to it. So keep your eyes peeled for that one too! (And any advice / tips on hosting giveaways would also be appreciated - as I say it is all rather new to us).

Hope you all have some reasons to be cheerful this week too!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. I love the design of the black tower bottle! How cool is that!?! Glad you had a lovely week away x


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