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Moshi Birthday!

Sweeny Blob cake
Our little boy turned 9 recently. Nine! Nine years old! That's nearly 10. That's nearly a decade. Where has that time flown to.

He asked for a "Sweeny blob" cake (one of the newer moshi characters) so I did my best with limited time and limited cake making bits and pieces (and some top tips from facebook friends - thank you!). Not the best cake I have ever made but he was happy with the outcome and I guess that's all that matters.

He got some lovely Moshi goodies from Granny and Grandad including Moshlings and a very 'loud' pair of Moshi shorts.

Although these photos are all smiles, we actually had a pretty difficult day. Mainly down to me handling things badly. I think the Asperger's makes the excitement of birthdays harder and that coupled with the expectation that things should be all happy and fun on a birthday (my expectation more than his), and perhaps I also expected more of him now that he is 9, all made for a disaster of a day. Silly of me really as he is no different from the day before when he was 8. Anyway, I hope that these smiles and happy memories are what he will remember most from his 9th birthday.
Happy Birthday J! 


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    1. thanks Rachel. Hope you are ok. we were thinking of you today as we went to H lake. x


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