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Nature's Checklist Center Parcs Family Challenge

As our regular blog readers will have seen, we have taken part in all of the Tots100 Center Parcs challenges since last November until now and had great fun with the family in doing so!

We very recently found out that we were picked as one of the wildcard winners through doing the challenges to join the Center Parcs team of family bloggers (there are some totally amazing bloggers already on the team and it feels such an honour to have been picked!)

This months challenge is A child's nature checklist and closes really soon - so if you are thinking of taking part - get your skates on and do it now.

Our children really love looking at nature whether it is on an organised mini-beast hunt or spotting birds, flowers and bugs just out and about in our day to day activities.

Here are a few of our favourite moments that we would never have thought to include on a nature checklist, but just by keeping our eyes open got to see:
We think this is a kestrel which we spotted outside our Karate lesson!

We spotted this snake in the grounds of a local castle. We think it is a grass snake.

These baby bluetits were nesting at the bottom of one of those tubes that protects tree-saplings.

Our top tips would be to keep your eyes open wherever you are - We once spotted a kingfisher on a high street sat outside of a church!!!

Always handle bugs carefully and put them back where you find them.

Be careful not to disturb other creatures e.g. we made sure that we didn't touch the bird's nest we saw and we kept our distance when we were watching it.

And most importantly, have fun!

Find out more at about the Center Parcs blogger challenges over at Tots100. There is one more space as a family blogger to go so keep an eye out for the August challenge too.


  1. woo hoo! well done Rebecca and welcome to the club :) I've had my fingers crossed for you every month xx

    1. thanks so much Anne! As I'm sure you can guess we were delighted.


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