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Nosy Crow Crew Update

Following on from our previous post about being accepted onto the Nosy Crow Crew - Here's our shiny new badge as members of the Nosy Crow Crew!

Nosy Crow is a small independent publisher of children's books and apps and have a clever skill in bringing the two together!

Some of the best-known authors and illustrators can be found at Nosy Crow (including some of our favourites, Philip Ardagh, Holly Webb and Axel Scheffler).

Both boys adore reading (and, if I am honest, I have to admit that I love children's books far more than any other books too) and I have had many a blog post idea about what reading and books means to them and us as a family. But there never seem to be enough hours in the day to write all the blog posts I want to write so hopefully being Nosy Crow Crew members will remind me to get on with it and write up a few of those posts at least.

You can find out more about our love of books and reading and read our family's book reviews here.

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