> The Beesley Buzz: Power boating on the Thames - the only way to see the sights!

Power boating on the Thames - the only way to see the sights!

Last week we had an amazing day in London and went power boating on the Thames with London Rib Voyages. Power boating is not really something I had ever particularly wanted to do, but last summer I won a Red Letter Day voucher for it with Drench and so I thought we'd give it a try. (Although it is suitable for all ages, including babies, we wanted to wait until baby T was old enough to be left with granny without needing a feed as we weren't so sure she would enjoy it and so we finally went last week.)

At Christmas, we won a further Red Letter Day voucher for this blog post, this time for a spa day for me, but as with all Red Letter Day experiences, it could be exchanged for any experience to the equivalent value. As J and D had done all the hard work for that winning blog post, it seemed only fair to them that they got to benefit from the prize rather than just me so we exchanged it for a further two tickets for the Power boating meaning that all four of us could now go!

I was so surprised to find that I loved every second of it! The boat goes really fast once it get's past Tower Bridge and into the fast zone of the River Thames and then Bond music comes blaring out making it a really exciting thrilling experience. The photos were taken before Tower Bridge, so when the RIB was travelling fairly slowly!

We had gorgeous weather and so we didn't even need to wear the additional jackets and trousers that are available, but only needed to pop on a lifejacket.
Even though the boat went really fast, I actually felt totally safe and having done that, I don't ever really want to travel the Thames any other way in future.

A thank you to Drench for the prize of powerboating for two, Red Letter Days for helping book our day smoothly, Tots100 and Distilled.net for the crafty Christmas prize, and London RIB voyages for an amazing day out! (We had Amy and Nick as our crew and they were fantastic).  

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