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Going on holiday with Stephen Fry: Holiday Habits Infographic

We have just got back from a short holiday today so it was rather timely to find this infographic waiting for me in my emails. We were one of the bloggers that Moneysupermarket.com had asked to take part in their poll which fed into this infographic.

And just so it is made very clear to hubby, yes, I definitely was one of the 15% who said I would change nothing about my partner when on holiday and that they were perfect!

Have to admit the choice of Stephen Fry as a holiday companion would not be our first choice. Both hubby and me (and we reckon granny would agree too as she is a big fan) would pick the fabulous and hilarious Miranda Hart as our fave celeb to go on holiday with.

Without further ado, here's the infographic with the results of the poll:

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

We were given a small incentive for participating in the poll but have not received anything for sharing the infographic on our blog.

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