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J's Cubby Bear Review from The Toadstool

This is J's review of Cubby Bear from The Toadstool which he has written all by himself:

I like my bear. I have called him Bucky.

He is really soft and I love him loads.

I took off the ribbon because it is scratchy at night (note from mum: The ribbon was not particularly scratchy but because of J's aspergers and sensory processing difficulties, he was overly sensitive to it and was worried it would be scratchy).

I have him in bed every night along with my other 5 favourite soft toys.

He is a small bear.

He is a greyish colour.

Disclaimer: J was given a budget of £30 to spend at The Toadstool as a thank you for helping them out with jokes and he chose this bear as one of the items to purchase, spending the rest on a Sorgenfresser worry-doll toy for D.  

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