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Reasons to be Cheerful...

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Just quickly joining in with Mummy from the Heart's R2BC linky this week before we head off on a short break away next week. So I guess that is my first reason! The weather is forecast to be good and I think there is an outdoor and indoor swimming pool where we are staying so the kids will love that!

Other reasons this week are that T got her very first pair of proper shoes, J had his birthday (well technically his birthday was last week but only got round to blogging about it this week) and I got to see my design go onto half a million bottles of Black Tower wine - so that was really exciting!

I owe R2BC-er's and other readers a big thank you for your help a few weeks ago with the Noma comp that had been changed to voting. They actually reverted back to judging the competition (which is was it was supposed to have been) and amazingly my video was picked. So me and D will be going to Noma sometime later in the year hopefully. But I really do want to say a huge thanks as I know that many of you very kindly did take the trouble to vote and I really do appreciate your support.

My top-tip beauty post was featured in a Mumsnet beauty round-up. So lots of things to be cheerful about.

Also had an amazing day today with J - he made me so proud - but will blog about it separately another time as it deserves a blog post all of its own.

I am still struggling below the surface with some sort of post-natal depression yet I know it is a phase that I will pass through with the right help. I am guessing that one day I may be able to blog about it properly as it has been a real eye-opener for me to see things from this side rather than an on-looker to someone else with PND/depression as I have never been affected with any sort of depression before and never thought it could just 'happen' to someone so readily. But for now, I want to try to keep the blog a positive-ish place for me and the kids to enjoy as I am also always conscious of how involved they are with their little reviews of books and toys and Joshua's jokes feature and I want to get the balance right between being honest about things but also not to worry or upset them with anything on here.

Hope everyone has a great week and lots of reasons to be cheerful and I look forward to catching up once we are back from our hols.


  1. Sounds like a great week, I hope you are having a fab break away, the weather is so nice. Mich x

    1. thanks Mich - we had an amazing time with amazing weather! x


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