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A few days in sunny Cornwall

I want to say that we've just got back from a few days away in Cornwall, but it has actually been a week since we got back. Don't ask me where that week has gone as I still haven't caught up with myself yet!

We had a really lovely time and I was going to pick out a couple of our fave photos to share like T body boarding at just 15 months old and discovering how much she loves playing with the sand on the beach and splashing in the water, and the gorgeous sea views we had from our room and watching the sunset each evening. However, Daddy has beat me to it by putting together a little video with a selection of photos in (some I hadn't even realised he had taken!).

We were so lucky with the amazing weather that is was just perfect for the beach and pool. After last years holiday to Cornwall I concluded that I adored Cornwall but it is just too far to travel, so this time we had a stopover night on our way there in a Travelodge which just helped to break up the journey and meant that we arrived fresh at our destination the following day. So having discovered that travel tip, which made life so much easier, we hope to visit again at some point in the future!

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