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Toyologist Review: HotWheels Mega Loop Mayhem

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

I wanted to entitle this review “Mummy vs Mega loop mayhem” as it took me a full hour to set it up! I do need to add that setting up any-kind of track is my weakest subject, closely followed by algebra. So for anyone who is a teeny bit more track-savvy than me, it may well be a bit quicker to set up. The really good news is that I did actually manage to do it (big yay!) rather than having to tell the kids to wait until daddy is home (as is the norm with these kinds of things).

Just so you can fully understand just how track-challenged I am, I feel that I do need to confess a few of my errors and although it is highly unlikely that you would make the same mistakes, it may help another track-challenged parent out there.

After unscrewing the wrong screws to put in the 4 x D sized batteries (and then retightening them and unscrewing the correct chamber for the batteries), and faced with a pile of plastic bits of track, I set about following the instructions to put the parts together. VERY slowly, step by step, I managed to put the thing together.

A few wrong moves and then figuring out how to correct it with the kids help, a couple of fiddly bits to attach, but finally I was done.

It was worth the effort because the boys LOVED this. The track has two loops, two launch buttons but unfortunately comes only with 1 car. Although my boys are hotwheels fans and have plenty of other hotwheels cars to use, none of them seemed to work as well as the car that did come with the track.

Although my first thoughts were that the plastic parts look like they could break easily, it actually proved to be fairly robust as I put it all together. It kept the kids busy for ages and once set up, didn’t need any help from me.

We have had similar sets in the past where the novelty has worn off, but this one has the bonus of a double track so that both of my boys can play with it at the same time. So a big thumbs up from mummy. The only feedback I would give Mattel is to consider supplying a second car with the set and to perhaps try to make the instructions a little bit clearer.


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    1. i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised as it has really kept them interested a lot more than similar tracks we have had in the past! x

  2. We love Hot wheels in our house I know what you mean about setting the tracks up though .

    1. The hot wheel track was easy compared to what I have been struggling with today - transformers!!! I think you need a phd to figure them out - but then again i suspect it is mainly just me being so useless with this sort of thing. I think daddy will be doing the review for those when we get around to it. x

  3. We have the same set and none of our other Hot Wheels cars work with it. Would love to know if anyone knows which other cars DO work with it. Only being able to use one car on the track means that this toy quickly became become boring for my kids.

    1. It is a shame that the set only comes with one car and that's why we did mention this in our review so that hopefully the manufacturers will consider this in future. My kids just used some of their other small hotwheels cars and although they weren't as good as the one that came with it, they did seem to work.

    2. Love the review! This set wasn't too difficult for me, but our next one - the 6 in 1 Hotwheels set was killer!! The Hotwheels Duel Fueler's seem to work the best, for us on both tracks! My son and daughter both love their Mega Loop Mayhem track. We actually lost 1 piece in a move recently and can't seem to get a replacement from Mattel. If anyone is possibly selling theirs for parts, I would be very interested!

    3. it is a good set - my boys still play with it and even my little girl takes an interest now as she likes to see the cars going around it. thanks for your comment x


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