> The Beesley Buzz: Our Nuby adventure begins...

Our Nuby adventure begins...

Well our first box of lovely Nuby goodies has arrived and here's what's inside. Trinity and mummy are going to be having SO much fun!

I love the Nuby products being so brightly coloured for babies and toddlers giving them an instant appeal and yet the items aimed at mums (like the breast pump) have a more sophisticated look to them.

There were one or two surprises in there - for example, I never realised that Nuby do dribble bibs so I would never previously have thought of purchasing them there. Ditto for the nail care set.

I am really looking forward to trying these products out and letting you all know how we get on.


  1. Wow what a swag! I love Nuby stuff, is it them who do the teething bags for frozen fruit? Happy testing!

    1. thanks for your comment two under two. Yes it is Nuby who do the 'Nibbler' and we have been sent one to try out. Can't wait as although we are sort of part doing baby led weaning this time, Trin seems to struggle with certain fruits like pear so the Nibbler should help with that - hopefully! x


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