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Book Review: Cartoon Kid Emergency

Cartoon Kid Emergency by Jeremy Strong. £5.99 Puffin (7+)

Review by Joshua age 8

I normally like to make sure I read any books that Josh does a book review for, but this is one that he seems to have done such a great job of when he did this book review as a piece of home-school work one day. So here it is in it's entirety unedited by me.

Three super funny superhero stories in one. They are called Vampire Robbers, Fairies, and Cows.

In Vampire Robbers, there are two robbers who are stealing everyone's packed lunch. Casper, Pete and Mia hide under some boxes to jump out at the thieves...

In Fairies, Casper's big sister Abbie has a boyfriend. Casper wants to see them kiss so when he hears them going into Abbie's room, he has a brilliant idea.

And in Cows, the school are doing a project. Casper has someone in his family who grew up there. But to find out, you must read it...

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