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App review: Squeebles words by Key Stage Fun

I have been meaning to post this review for ages...Josh actually designed one of the Squeebles in this app and his Squeeble 'Raino' also features in subsequent apps that have since been released by Key Stage Fun. With the very exciting news that one of Joshua's very best friends is also going to have her Squeeble design featured in a future app, I thought it was high time to shout about these fab apps that are so educational whilst at the same time being SO much fun!

This is my review for Squeebles Words - Squeebles Spelling Tests by Key Stage Fun. £1.49 from app store.

These bright fun-loving characters are back! This time the Squeebles are here to help your children learn to spell. Although primarily aimed at children aged 5-11, the fabulous thing about the Squeebles spelling app, Squeebles words, is that it can be tailored specifically to your own child's age and ability as it puts parents firmly in control of what spellings to learn.

In the parents zone, mums and dads can input lists of spellings for their children to learn through the Squeebles app and game - ideal for practising the weekly spellings that children often bring home from school.

A 'record' feature allows parents to read the word out loud to enhance learning. All this is very straightforward to set up and use (believe me when I say that it is definitely a case of "if I can do it, anyone can!").

Children then practice typing in the words after getting a chance to see and hear each word for either 2 seconds, 5 seconds, or as long as they wish according to what parents have pre-set for them based on their ability level.

As children practice their spellings, they rescue Squeebles (including 3 brand new Squeebles designed by fans of the app through a recent competition held by Key Stage Fun) and earn stars to buy special boomerangs to play "Squeeberangs" with. The aim of the game is to throw your chosen Squeeble as far as you can on the boomerang...whoops...I mean Squeeberang. Bonus features like 'bounce', 'super speed' and 'twist' can be earned as children progress through their spellings adding to the fun element of the game.

We've also used the app (rather cleverly, if I do say so myself) to practice learning French. Simply by inputting French words, my children have been able to practice spelling in French as well as hearing how the words are pronounced (this does rely on me having to get the pronunciation right though!!!).
Unlike many of the online spelling games out there, the ability to input your own spelling lists specifically tailored to your own children (different lists can be set up for a number of children enabling them to earn their own rewards), along with the motivating rewards that really work in engaging children should allow for many many hours of learning fun. And just like all the other Squeebles apps, Squeebles Words doesn’t contain any advertising so there is no risk of your children accidently clicking on something they shouldn’t or buying other apps unintentionally. Well done Key Stage Fun on another excellent app making education fun.  No longer will spelling tests ever be considered a boring chore in our household.




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