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Name the dolphin

Sterimar Baby and Tots 100 are running a competition to name the Sterimar Baby dolphin. As the kids had a birthday party cancelled today due to illness, it was a great activity for a Sunday afternoon.

Full details can be found here


But get in quick, the competition ends 5pm tomorrow!

Have fun. x


  1. I did this with my 5.5 month old boy once. He was amazed!

    posted by firsttimemumblog.wordpress.com (the iPad would only let me comment as Anonymous)

    1. Thanks for your comment First time mum blog, Trinity didn't look too impressed from the look on her face but she did enjoy it. It is not the first time she has hand painted but it was the most succesful as before she just did the reflex of scrunching up her hands. My son started painting young and he loves painting and messy play so it is great to let them try different things isn't it. x

  2. Yes, definitely nice to do something different other than watching tele and lying under the play gym :-P


    1. absolutely! My eldest used to love watching the washing machine go round and watching me do the dishes too when he was a baby. We also used to play a game of putting the (clean) laundry on him when I was sorting it out. lots of fun x


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