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Happy Switchy Day!

Moshi Monsters fans will know that Monday was Switchy day in Monstro City...a day where things are not quite as they seem and really rather switched around. For example, the Smiley flowers become unsmiley flowers, the tyre swing and balloons hang from the ground rather than the ceiling, the cakes are upside down and so on.

Last year for Switchy Day, Moshi monsters challenged fans to 'switch' places with their monster or someone from Monstro City. Joshua decided to become famous moshling collector Buster Bumblechops and to our amazement was picked as the winner of the Switchy day contest! He had around 1000 friend requests online as a result. Unfortunately mum & dad only let him be moshi friends with people he actually knows in real life, but it was fantastic to see all of the positive comments and well done messages he received from all around the world.

Moshi monsters has really acheived an enviable level of user engagement and involvement and on the whole moshi fans are such a fab bunch.

This year Joshua (with his very individual and quirky sense of humour) decided to send moshi this photo to wish them a very happy switchy day (it is Joshua holding a light switch - he has one to help with one of his ASD 'obsessions' of playing with light switches when he gets stressed).

And moshi staff at HQ being the fabulous people that they are sent back a very prompt (as usual) reply which we found so funny that we just had to share it:


Thanks a bazillion for your hilarious photo. We showed it to Roary and he laughed so hard his eyeball fell out! Switchy Day… with a switch! So funny.

Happy Monstering,

They have over 50 million monsters adopted around the world and yet they always find time to reply to Josh's messages. Thank you Moshi - we love you and you are fab!

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