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Dear Geoffrey

Geoffrey the Giraffe at Toys-R-Us asked to see the boys' winning entries into the Wonderlands writing competition. The topic was 'my favourite place' and here they are....

By Daniel, aged 6

My favourite place…the sea. A letter to my granny who I never knew.

Dear Granny Pari,

I’m Daniel. Do you know me? Oh.  No – because you died before I was even born.
I’m your grandson. I am six. I love my blue bear, playing with blue bear and finding toys.

My favourite colour is red. When I was younger my favourite colour was yellow. Mummy told me your favourite colour was yellow.

Your favourite place is the sea. My favourite place is the sea too.
When I want to find a place to run away, I go to the sea. I want to sit by the sea for hours.

The sea looks like bubbles and sounds like thunder when it is stormy. I sometimes see a tornado that you don’t see and the rain rains all over me but I don’t mind.

When it is sunny and warm, the sea is fuzzy and sparkly. It makes me feel calm and makes me feel like I’m flying.
I close my eyes…I’m running into the sea. With my eyes closed, I don’t know where I am. The pebbles feel crunchy and sometimes they feel smooth. They sound like hail under my feet.

God tells me about you every night  and I got top marks at school last year. I got a star for being the best person in my class because I tried my best. I wanted to tell you that because it reminds me of a starfish. Well, once I saw a starfish by the seaside and it had four arms because one of them had broken off.
Oh, and I love ice cream. When it’s sunny OR stormy, I get to eat my ice cream. I heard that you liked eating ice cream by the sea too!

Love from Dan x


By Joshua, aged 8

My Favourite Place…The Zoo.
Happy hippos dancing, penguins prancing.
Rhinos raging around, moles digging underground.
That’s what you’ll find at the zoo.
Enthusiastic elephants squirt water at the crowd.
Lucky lions love roaring loud.
That’s what you’ll find at the zoo.
Tremendous tigers trudge about.
Meerkats really love to scout.
That’s what you’ll find at the zoo.
Grizzly Gorillas are hairy and scary.
Dainty butterflies are like fairies.
That’s what you’ll find at the zoo.
Monkeys swing and eat bananas
(and throw their poo when they’re angry).
Giraffes hide behind trees to camouflage and
munch on leaves when they’re hungry.
My favourite place is the zoo.
I once went there when I was two.
I love the monkeys best because they throw their poo.

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