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The Big Soap Switch!

Soap...it might not be the most enthralling topic to blog about and you may be wondering why I am, but like they say with diet and excercise tips, if you change one thing at a time, then you are more likely to stick with it. And this is one change we have made that has made a big difference in terms of saving money, time and the environment.

At the beginning of the year, I got totally fed up of having to buy soap all the time. No matter how much soap I was buying it was getting used up so quickly, so when I spotted a discount weekend at Ethical Superstore.com, I decided to bulk buy and stock up not for any eco reason, but just to save myself some time and money (and back pain from carrying so much soap home from the supermarket).

And it really has worked - I bought a couple of big 5ltr bottles of soap and washing-up liquid and although I was genuinely concerned that as eco brands Ecover soap, Ecoleaf soap and Bio-D washing up liquid just wouldn't be as good as the other brands I used to buy, I was very impressed!

I believe that for people to be really happy to make a long term switch to more environmentally friendly products, those products shouldn't be a compromise on performance and thankfully these days we don't need to settle for eco products that don't do the job so well because in a lot of cases, they seem to actually be far better in terms of effectiveness (I have two little testers who like to bubble up the soap just to prove it).

I have kept an eye on the facebook pages of Ecover and Ethical Superstore so that whenever they do an offer for 20% off an order, I can make sure I stock up on the items I need. These big bottles can be decanted into old soap dispensers and I have had to make far fewer trips to the plastic recycling bank too (making an extra saving on time and petrol costs).

So if like me, you feel like you are forever buying soap, try making this one change to your shopping habits and see if it works for you too!

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