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Toyologist Review: Smasha-Ballz

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

What's round, furry and noisy? No, not the cat. Not the children. Not the mother-in-law. No... it's Smasha-Ballz!

The furry monster that came to live with us is apparently called Gooba. Despite his claw-like hands and four eyes, he is less scary monster and more surreal football. When you squeeze, hit or throw him, he lets out a roar, burp or 'uh-oh' and shakes. It was great for encouraging the neighbour's cat to leave our pet's food alone, and thankfully didn't cause a stir for our six-month old despite being quite loud.


Gooba comes with three AAA batteries for demonstration purposes, but they are still going strong in our beast. The packaging is very enticing, with Gooba appearing to be breaking out of the sides of his box.

A great secret-santa present for work colleagues perhaps, but after the initial excitement our boys tired of him. I'm sure you could invent games to play with Gooba, but there wasn't much enthusiasm for trying in our house. Sorry, Gooba, but you won't be on my Christmas list. Now... if only I draw my boss in the office secret-santa.....

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