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Doo Yoo Savoo?

Earlier in the week I found out that after being shortlisted in the top 30 (out of 600 entries!) I didn't quite make it to interview stage for Savoo's search for the UK's smartest shopper. Obviously it was a little dissapointing and yet I found that I was also delighted at the same time to have made it to the top 30.

I was also secretly just slightly relieved at not having to go to an interview as it has never been truer for me that I have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet have nothing to wear (!!!) as I still haven't shifted my post-baby weight since Trinity was born.

However, those weren't the only pounds I had gained over the past year or so. In the process of preparing for a possible interview, I did calculate a rough total (and this is a conservative estimate - the actual amount is actually higher) of the amount that my 'savviness' has been worth in monetary terms over the past year or so.

To our amazement it came to around £5,000. I knew I had written about a few things on my entry but I even surprised myself to discover the total.

I have since been asked by Savoo to be one of their 'DealPro's' and hopefully will be able to share some of what has worked for me with the Savoo community too.

If you have not yet taken a look, Savoo.co.uk is THE place to find out about the best deals, discount codes and tips. You can find the best deals on pretty much everything from groceries, to beauty to fashion to travel and the list goes on.

After having had a previous bad experience when looking for a discount code (from another organisation, I hasten to add) where I ended up getting a lot of spam and junk mail, my experience with Savoo has been very different. These guys certainly seem to know what they are talking about, there is a real community feel to the site and with so many brands represented on there, you are bound to find a discount code or offer for whatever it is you are thinking of purchasing.

And you can find out more about those lucky ten that made it to the final interview stage here. We wish them all the very best of luck in meeting the judges this weekend and we can't wait to find out who is crowned 'The UK's smartest shopper'!

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