> The Beesley Buzz: Book Review: It's a Dog's Life by Michael Morpurgo.

Book Review: It's a Dog's Life by Michael Morpurgo.

Illustrated by Patrick Benson.
£10.99 Egmont

Aimed at children aged 3+ (yet will appeal to all ages!) this is a beautifully illustrated book, written from the point of view of Russ, the farm's sheep dog. This book made us smile as we followed Russ the dog through his day and found out what he thinks about the goings on at the farm. Russ is such a believable character, that it may well remind you of dog that you know (as we found - especially his love of cake!).

Morpurgo is such a gifted writer to be able to write for different age groups so well and this book was just the right length as an enjoyable bedtime read this evening.

As Russ himself would say, we found this book to be 'lovely'.

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