> The Beesley Buzz: "What chocolate cake?"

"What chocolate cake?"

A certain 6 month old baby has developed a real taste for CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! So I guess that means the baby-led weaning part has now begun. We have never seen her open her mouth quite so wide for any other food.

Oh and yes, that is the remains of fish finger on her bib. I know that Fish fingers and Chocolate cake is not quite the same winning combination as Fish Fingers and custard, but nonetheless Doctor Who would be proud.


  1. Haha! A girl after my own heart :D Love the fact that she's even looking up the right as if butter wouldn't melt. Serious cutie :) xx

    1. thanks for your comment Hannah. What girl wouldn't like chocolate, eh? it just wouldn't be right - but hadn't planned on her getting a sweet tooth quite so early on! It was my birthday earlier in the week and it just didn't feel fair for her to miss out so we let her have a little taste!


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