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Toyologist Review: Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

Hi I'm Daniel. I'm six and a half years old. Today I'm going to be telling you all about Gyro-botz. You see I love 'bots' (I don't mean bottoms - I mean ROBOTS!). I have lots of different types from zibits, to bobble-bots to a bee-bot, lots and lots of bots.

So when my friend Geoffrey the giraffe at Toys R Us sent me these Gyro-botz to try out, I was very, very excited. There was a sheet of stickers in the pack so you can even design the arena and your gyro-bot how you like it to look.

You get two Gyro-botz in the pack and they come with a battle arena so that your gyro-botz can battle each other. They are really easy to use because all you do is thread through the ripcord and when you pull it out and put the botz on their heads in the arena, they spin and spin and spin. The winner is the robot who spins the longest.

It is for children aged over 5 because otherwise it might be too fiddly for younger children to thread through the ripcord that makes the gyro-botz spin. But it was perfect for me and my brother to play. The funny thing was my mum and dad found that they liked playing it too to keep battling each other. Daddy seemed to win most because he could pull the ripcord out the fastest to make the gyro-bot spin the best.

There are also some special tricks you can do with your gyro-bot. We managed to figure out one of them. If you drop the gyro-botz to try to get them to land on their feet, they always fall over. But if you get the spinning bit to work first and then drop them onto their feet, amazingly they manage to stand and not bounce over. Me and my brother thought this was a great game to play because it was easy to use and fun to play.

Here's what mum says:
"There are a few things I love about this game. Firstly no batteries needed (yay!) as the gyro-botz spinning ability is created mechanically using a ripcord. Secondly, the kids could just get on with playing it straight away. There was hardly any 'setting-up' needed as they even managed to put the stickers on themselves and quickly figured out what to do. There are other 'gyro-bot' designs available to purchase separately so that helps keep the children insterested as they can save up their own pocket money to buy additional gyro-botz if they want to. The main feedback I would give to the manufacturer to improve this toy is to produce the plastic arena from a higher quality plastic. I had to keep telling the kids to be careful not to leave it lying around as it looks like it could very easily break which would be a shame because the actual gyro-botz themselves are of much better quality than the arena."

Hope you enjoy Gyro-botz as much as we do!

love Daniel x

Gyro-botz deluxe arena will be available soon from Toys R Us.

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