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Toyologist Review: Web-Shooting Spider-Man

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

Our boys were very excited to see this Web-shooting Spiderman arrive, and ripped into the box to drag Spidey out. They quickly discovered that, once the batteries are in, pressing a button ‘fires’ the web out of his hand. The web is a piece of string with a plastic end – it isn’t sticky but is designed to hit a target. The target provided was nearly thrown away as packaging, as it is a picture on a bit of card with a small card stand. Spiderman’s web-shooting wasn’t strong enough to knock it down every time but the boys had fun just generally playing with Spiderman.

From the impressive packaging we had expected this toy to ‘do’ more but on the plus side it is a large and sturdy toy so it doesn’t look like it will break easily. I’m sure true Spiderman fans would love to receive it as a Christmas present.


  1. Oh my word, my 4 year old little man is Spiderman obsessed at the moment. Yes, I think he'd be a bit disappointed that it doesn't have other functions, but nonetheless I can see this'll be on his Christmas list!

    1. Hi Katie, it's funny how they suddenly get obsessed with certain characters - mine did love spiderman for a while, and although they were excited to receive this toy in our latest box from Toys R Us, they are not into it in a major way anymore. As you have probably guessed from the rest of our blog - Moshi monsters is the love of their lives at the moment! x


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