> The Beesley Buzz: Party season is here and we are celebrating the #LittleThings with Freixenet

Party season is here and we are celebrating the #LittleThings with Freixenet

As party season is upon us, we have started to allow ourselves to start to feel a little bit festive. And to get the ball rolling, Freixenet sent us a fabulous party pack of their stunning Mia moscato. Fruity and sweet, this sparkling moscato has been inspired by the city of Barcelona (If you haven't tasted this stuff yet, you really really should, it has become an absolute favourite of ours).

Freixenet have been encouraging people to celebrate the little things in life using the hash tag #LittleThings. They've also put together this fun video (which I found hilarious!) that shows that great feeling you get when you celebrate those #LittleThings...
And we've been asked to share a few of our #LittleThings worth celebrating!

As it's so very nearly December and we have got into the party mood, we are sticking with the party theme for our #LittleThings that we've been celebrating.

Each year we get together with some good friends for a Christmas party and it's become a bit of a tradition to do a murder mystery party with a theme. A couple of years ago, the theme was Wild West and you can see our post about that here, we've also had an airline theme, a 1920's theme and various others over the years.

This year's theme is set in 1961 and describes my costume as a floral patterned dress and black leather jacket. When I found this dress reduced to a tenner, I was really celebrating the #LittleThings.
What's more, I managed to pick up a faux leather jacket at the supermarket for a teeny fraction of the price of a real leather jacket #LittleThings

For the party itself we rotate whose turn it is to do starter, desserts and drinks and this year was our turn for drinks, so when Freixenet sent us a party pack of drinks that was one less Christmas stress to worry about and saved me frantically rushing to the shops #LittleThings
Always rushing around after the kids means that I rarely get anytime for myself. So when I got the chance to have a relaxing pre-party bath that really was a #LittleThings moment worth celebrating!
Outfit - Check! Party drinks - Check! Pre-party Pampering - Check! Now let's get this party started.

Disclosure: We were sent 6 bottles of Freixenet Mia Moscato and asked to share about the #LittleThings we like to celebrate. 


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