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Book review: Hello! Christmas

As it's November now, I guess it's OK to talk about Christmas so we've got a Christmas book to review today...

Hello! Christmas is illustrated by Angie Rozelaar and is a board book for young children. The text reads as a simple rhyming story to go alongside the illustrations. Miss T was delighted to receive this book from PanMacmillan to review.
The real magic of the book is the sections to pull out, slide and turn to help bring the illustrations to life. Unlike similar books with parts that move, pop out or lift up, this book is extremely sturdy making it great for little hands to explore.

Although it is not a long 'story', being only 4 double page spreads in total, the moving elements that engage the child and lots going on in each illustration, mean that there is plenty to talk about and enjoy on each page.

With the book being all about Christmas, it is a great one to help everyone get in the festive mood in the run up to Christmas, or a perfect Christmas gift for a young child.

The book says it is best for children aged 2 and over, but I think even younger children would enjoy this book. I know I used to read books like this with all three of my children from just under a year old. That seemed to be the age at which they could start to point and name some familiar objects in books, and also started to appreciate things like lift-the-flap books.

This book is sturdier than a lift-the-flap style book as the parts that move are incorporated into the thick board pages of the book, again helping to make it suitable for young children.

Miss T enjoys Christmas books all year round and this is one she keeps asking to read again and again. But if you don't fancy being stuck with a Christmas theme all year round, there is also a Hello! London book and a Hello! School book in the series too.

Hello! Christmas is available from PanMacmillan.


  1. Looks like a book Max would enjoy too

    1. I'm sure he would. They seem to love the ones with pull out flaps etc at this age don't they.

  2. What a lovely book, they make the best toys for kids now and not before for us too! But we can still enjoy them with the kids, haha!


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