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Book review: Bear and Hare - Snow! By Emily Gravett

Earlier in the year, PanMacmillan had sent us Bear and Hare Go Fishing which was perfect in the summer with long lazy days when the kids can enjoy a spot of pond dipping or rock pooling as their own way of 'fishing'.

Now we are in November and our thoughts have turned to Christmas and our hearts are full of hope for...Snow!
Bear and Hare, two friends who enjoy sharing adventures together, are lucky enough to have had snow. We are told that Hare loves snow and the excitement can be seen in Hare's face. Hare gets stuck into doing all the fun things that we all love to do in the snow...or do we?
Poor Bear's face tells a different story.

Snow prints, snow angels, snowmen (well snow Hares to be more precise), and snowballs...Everyone's snow time dream, right?

Wrong. Poor Bear gets the rough end of the stick and it isn't until they go sledging that Bear finally starts to have fun too.

Beautifully illustrated, (as are all Emily Gravett books), Bear and Hare - Snow! is a charming winter themed addition to the Bear and Hare adventure series of books. So far Bear and Hare have gone fishing and played in the snow and I can't wait to find out what other adventures Emily Gravett has in store for these two loveable characters.

Thank you PanMacmillan for sending us this lovely book to review.


  1. Awww that looks like such a lovely book! I'm off to have a look at the website as I need some Winter related books x

    1. thanks Sonia, yes it is a lovely book. We adore pretty much all of Emily Gravett's books - great illustrations and usually a little twist to the story too. x

  2. Such a great review, I love your model :)


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