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Getting ready for Christmas with Nintendo

As Nintendo family bloggers, a couple of weeks ago we were invited up to London for a Nintendo themed day of fun. I missed the start of it as I was booked onto my Moroccan cookery course at L'atalier des chefs, but when I arrived I found the kids already stuck into it having lots of fun.

J was busy playing on the Kirby Triple Deluxe game for 3DS (also compatible with 2DS).
Miss T had her face painted as Princess peach. 
D had a Kirby balloon made for him and Miss T asked for a Princess Peach balloon.
The balloon modeller was SO skilled - the balloons on display were amazing too! 
Miss T made some Nintendo themed cupcakes with the help of the lovely people from BKD

We tried out some other new release games. 

And all this while, J remained rooted to the spot continuing to play Kirby Triple Deluxe. There were gaming experts on hand to answer our questions and challenge us in joint races. They were also pretty impressed by J's dedication at sticking with the game for so long and nearly completing all the levels! 
I managed to prise him away for just a moment to get some pics in Mario's photo booth.

The kids received some lovely goody bags containing Toxic mag (one of J and D's fave mags!) and cute Nintendo cuddly toys. 

Seeing just how much the boys loved Kirby Triple Deluxe made us decide to get it for them for Christmas but then this happened to D and J got though his 11 plus exams with flying colours. We were so proud of them both that we bought it for them early. J is keen to write up a review so look out for that soon! 

Nintendo have lots of great games out that would make great Christmas gifts. There are usually a few on each of the boys wish lists each year. Some of the games we've been lucky enough to review this year are: 

Yoshi's New Island which is great for all Yoshi and Mario fans and is bound to be a hit if you like platform games. you can find our review of Yoshi's New Island here.

Pokemon Art Academy - for Pokemon fans who want to learn to draw the characters in a fun way.  our review for Pokemon Art Academy is here.

Tomodachi Life - a highly addictive game based on mii characters you create who take on a life of their own. This has been so popular with J and his friends that several friends from school and drama group have bought it straight away based on J's recommendation! Our review of Tomodachi Life is here. 

Disney Magical World is packed with all your fave Disney characters and you get to help them solve their problems.  Review for that coming soon! 

Thank you Nintendo and Toxic for a great day out! 


  1. Oh wow it looks like the kids had a ball :)

  2. This so reminds me of when my older two were little, we would follow Nintendo events around the country, particularly if they involved Pokemon. We even went to the Dome the year it opened for a Pokemon event which was held outside. I think we spent a total of 10 minutes actually in the Dome (there were no Pokemon in there, lol) We used to take part in Gameboy competitions and Pokemon Trading Card games. They still have the huge amount of goodies they collected along the way. It's so nice to see it still going for another generation. My younger girls are already fans and we have Pokemon Art Academy on Boo's list with Pokemon Sapphire on Star's list.
    Miss T looks fabulous as Princess Peach (my favourite character in Mario Kart) and those balloon models are amazing :)

    1. thanks so much for your lovely comments Anne. My brother used to be into Nintendo as a kid so it is amazing to see how popular it still is. xxx


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