> The Beesley Buzz: Our second day in Leeds and an unexpected Frozen surprise!

Our second day in Leeds and an unexpected Frozen surprise!

After the excitement of having wifi here, we've come to the conclusion that there's no place like home when it comes to wifi as everywhere we've stayed seems to keep dropping the wifi connection

We've spent a very frustrating time trying to connect the whole time whilst away, but I guess we were particularly hopeful for decent wifi here because it is city centre location with a lot of business guests, we'd made the assumption that a good wifi connection was a given, but frustratingly it appears not.

Wifi aside, we are having a lovely stay at Quebecs. The beds could do with being slightly firmer for my liking (because of my back problems)  but I guess they are absolutely fine for most people.

The shower was super here, as was the breakfast. As well as the continental selection for breakfast, there are various options for a cooked breakfast beyond just a full english breakfast (although they do that very well too). Me and D opted for scrambled egg, smoked salmon and english muffin this morning and J got his long desired poached egg at last as part of his full english breakfast. He loves poached eggs, but I rarely make them for him at home.

We set off to visit the Royal Armouries museum today. Astonishingly this is also a free place to visit like the city museum we visited yesterday.

We had barely made a start on looking around when the kids spotted Olaf (from Frozen) outside, so we went to take a closer look.

Before we knew it we were joining in with a frozen sing along show with Elsa, Ana and the other Frozen characters. What an unexpected bonus for our visit to Leeds - especially as D has become a Frozen fan over the past few months.

After watching the rehearsal, we headed back into the royal armouries museum to carry on looking around. There is a lot to see and we didn't really do it justice on our visit as we rushed around because the kids were keen to get back outside for more Frozen fun!
The kids were wishing they were back outside watching Frozen

So we headed outside again to join in the Sing along.

A bite to eat at cafe Nero as a late lunch (the museum cafe stopped serving food at 3pm otherwise we would have eaten there again as it was great) then back to the hotel for some downtime before Dr Who. (Yes I still miss my Doctor but having got an extra 'fix' of Matt Smith at our visit to the Dr Who experience helped me cope better with the change to Capaldi).

A late lunch at Cafe Nero
Yesterday's lumch at the Leeds city centre museums own cafe was fab! Would recommend it!

We got Miss T to sleep in the downstairs room (2nd floor) whist we watched Dr Who in our upstairs room (3rd floor) whilst listening out for Miss T on our baby monitor which we took everywhere with us. We treated ourselves to a room service light bite to eat which felt really extravagant when we saw the shiny cloches arrive, but with no tray charge here, it cost a lot less than having a meal out.

They have a bar downstairs, and breakfast is in the 'conservatory' on the 4th floor, but there isn't a full restaurant here, which is why I guess the room service is available 24 hours a day and why there is no tray charge.

I'm really pleased to have seen Leeds. It is a place full of interesting architecture and lots of statues (which Miss T likes). The hotel itself is also a pretty special building, and although our window views were practically non-existent as the windows just looked out onto buildings, the rooms and building is so nice on the inside that it really didn't matter.

Once the kids were in bed each evening we turned on the baby monitor we had brought with us and met in a lounge type area on the second floor to join in frustration at trying to connect to wifi, check our emails and enjoy a hot chocolate together.

We had various text messages going to and fro today to try to arrange to see our dear friends Pauly, Laura, Seth and Opeie from Gifts from the Pirates who we had spent some special time with last year at Center Parcs. You can read about just how special is was to have met them here.

We even chose a little gift at the Leeds Armouries for them...

We are really happy that we are going to meet up with them en-route from here to Bristol tomorrow.

Lots of travelling too so it's going to be a busy day. Night night for now.
Visiting the Royal Armouries
We loved some of the architecture in Leeds

Another building named with the Trinity theme

Loved the quirky phone boxes we found in Leeds

A giant city centre game of chess

More fun at the Royal Armouries
Written up on Saturday 30th August 2014 in Leeds. This stay was day 12 of our Laterooms.com #52Sleeps roadtrip. Find out more here.


  1. I have never been too Leeds. Slightly green eyed that you met Olaf ;-)

    1. It was so strange joining in unexpectedly with that singalong. The kids loved it though. x


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