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Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl around car: A review for Babies R Us.

The boys have enjoyed being Toyologists for Toys R Us over the past couple of years putting lots of toys through their paces. This time it was Miss T's turn to be a babyologist for Babies R Us.

This Fisher Price Laugh and Learn crawl around car could not have arrived at a better time. Miss T had been poorly last week so when the delivery man arrived with this, it really cheered her up. 

It requires a little bit of assembly before it is ready to use and I'm pleased to say that despite my general incompetence at DIY, I was able to put it all together myself. The instructions were clear. There were a few pieces to click together and a few pieces that needed a screwdriver. 

The car is aimed at babies aged 6 months and over. I have to admit that my initial thoughts were that Miss T would be too old for it but I could not have been more wrong. 

She spent ages playing with it to begin with and the novelty still hasn't worn off. It is the first toy she goes to when she wakes up in the morning 

And when we've been out, she comes home and hops into her car straight away.

It has lots of features that really entertain and educate. From parts that move, to songs and sounds. A real door that opens and closes and a built in shape sorter and ball rolling ramp. 

Here's a little video we made to show some of the things the car can do...

Although the back wheels turn, the car itself stays still. This makes it stable for babies as they learn to crawl around the outside of it and explore. Once babies can sit up, then the dashboard is great for learning cause and effect as they push the buttons and hear the sounds. 

This really is a toy whose play value will grow as your child grows. There are 3 settings to help differentiate the songs, sounds and learning for different ages and stages of development. Babies and toddlers can learn about shapes, colours, numbers, the alphabet and so much more. 

I'm actually really glad that we got the opportunity to review this with Miss T at this age because it is not something I would have considered for her as it is easy to assume the car is just for babies of crawling age. And yet it has been such a pleasure seeing her play with it with such enthusiasm each day as she announces to everyone that it is 'mine car' (mine is her way of saying 'my'). 

In summary, a fabulous toy that would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a baby or young child. Thank you Babies R Us for the opportunity to review the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl around car!

Disclosure: As Babies R Us babyologists we were sent this toy for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 


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